Here kitty, kitty!

This morning Scott showed me this amazing video – which combines two of my favourite things: kitties and IKEA. I am not sure he realised at the time how much more I will bug him now to a) get kitties and b) go to IKEA. In that order.

Books on tape

So apparently the best selling books on the iBook store have been removed from the bestseller charts, because Apple is against nakedness for fun. Luckily, the books are still there – once I finish writing this I must get a sample on my iPad;))

Just a day after I read about this though I stumbled across this incredibly entertaining image:

Apparantly it is the cover of “porn on tape” – an audio pornograpic novel. My buddy Wolfgang found it in his friend’s record collection. The German title means “The chastity belt”, and it sounds like a great book!

I want one of these!

Just as I though that my life was almost complete (translate: I have an iPad;)) I discovered another void that needs to be filled. I NEEEEEED this pet:

Now that’s what I want in my ads!

More KKK!

This morning Roxanne, one of my students at INSEEC in London, showed me this poster from a DDB Paris campaign for Live Poker. She said she had to laugh and think of me when she saw it. But why, but why?!?! 😉

This may be one of the most hilarious ads I have seen in a very long time. 10 out of 10!

For your consideration

So, I haven’t given crowdfunding a go myself yet. I know it works, over at FilmTiki we are working on a few crowdfunding projects. But for myself I haven’t tried it yet. Yet!

Lots of things can be crowdfunded. It is all just a matter of whether or not you and your network cares enough about you and/or the thing you want to dish out a buck or two (or even more). Now, there is a lot of things I would like funding for, but this is definitely on my list, and maybe I have quite good chances to get money for it, as I am not the only one who cares about it. (Only question is, do others care about me having one…)

So, here it goes: I want a DeLorean time machine, from one of  my all-time favourite movies Back to the Future. And apparantly there is a guy building them! Check this out:

I would like you to seriously consider dishing out money for this. Think about it. For a little while. Get back to me if you want. I am considering crowdfunding this. Will let you know if I actually get around to doing it. Or if I put efforts into crowdfunding something more worthwhile, though I seriously don’t know what that could possibly be!

P.S.: Found this video on the ever entertaining YesButNoButYes. Great Scott!


Watch this:

O for awesome! Found on the hilarious YesButNoButYes site.

Fuck you and your blog

I know I haven’t been around here as much as I used to, because I have been over here.

However, I want to share this with you. Last Saturday I was out and about my beautiful home town of Brighton, and I saw (and immediately had to acquire) this awesome journal.

Here’s a picture of the cover.

And here’s a picture of the inside (note that the Comments Section is disabled. Hehehehehe.)

Love this journal. Haven’t used it yet, but surely will start any day now. Go get it for old school blogging i.e. diary writing on – shock horror – paper, without – double shock horror – anyone else reading or commenting it. Wow!

You gotta love Santa with a buttplug

I found this picture here. O for Awesome!

Santa with a buttplug


My parent’s neighbour’s daughter Marion is a first year (I think it’s her first year… might also be her second. Early in the piece for sure) at Vienna University. And she wrote an interesting message to me the other day:

Hallo Iris,

ich weiß nicht inwieweit du über die Geschehnisse hier in Wien bescheid weißt (kommt wahrscheinlich immer darauf an auf welchem Teil der Erde du dich gerade tummelst 😉 ),
aber hier wird seit Donnerstag der Audimax der Uni Wien von einigen/vielen StudentInnen bestetzt (die Bildende ist bereits seit Dienstag besetzt). Das ansich ist vermutlich nicht so spannend, ABER das was für dich von Interesse sein könnte ist, dass das ganze meiner Meinung nach – für so eine kurze Zeit – ziemlich gut von der Social Media Seite her aufgezogen wurde:
D.h. zuerst gab es eine Demo, dann wurde der Audimax besetzt und kurz darauf gab es eine Website, einen Blog, es wird ständig getwittert, es gibt eine facebook-Seite und einen Live Stream (immer wenn ein Plenum abgehalten wird bzw. vorhin gab es gerade einen Vortrag von einem englischen Professor). Verschiedenste Leute posten auch immer wieder Fotos auf flickr (Stichworte: unibrennt, audimax) Abgesehen davon ist seit Donnerstag jemand vom Standard vor Ort und beschreibt das geschehen beinahe viertelstündlich.
Diese Online-Aktivitäten und die Kontakte der Studierenden haben dazu geführt, dass es mittlerweile Solidarisierungen aus dem In- und Ausland gibt und die ZIB bereits darüber berichtet hat.

Roughly translated, this is what she said:

Hi Iris,

not sure how much you know about what’s happening here in Vienna at the moment (probably also depends where in the world you are;)), but the Audimax (the big lecture hall at Vienna University, it holds about 1000 students) has been occupied by a growing number of students since last Thursday. That’s not that exciting, but what might interest you is how this has been organised using Social Media: first there was a demo, then the Audimax was occupied, shortly after there was a website and a blog, people are constantly tweeting, there’s a facebook page and a live stream (each time there is a discussion). People are also posting pictures on flickr (tagging them unibrennt, audimax). Since Thursday there has also been someone from Der Standard there who is covering what’s happening, almost every fifteen minutes.

There online activities and the student’s contacs have led to international and national student solidarity, and the ZIB (the evening news on Austian National TV) have also covered the occupation.

Marion also sent through some links.   –> blog with all infos and the student’s demands           –> the website of  the student base, where twitter, live-stream and chat can be found          –> Twitter account  –> facebook page –> Der Standard coverage   –> Live stream

Check them out if you want to follow this, I think it is really very interesting in terms of how fast movements can get media coverage with no big PR force behind them. And how quickly things can spill into mainstream media. Cheers Marion for the interesting news!

This makes me puke and want to punch somebody

…preferably the “journalist” writing the commentary on this. But firstly, just to clarify things, I am all for dressing up infants as miniature versions of yourself. Totally. Or as little kings, or batman, or what have you. I bought my goddaughter ballerina shoes, ballerina skirts, a king’s fake hermelin robe and crown, and if I was allowed I’d cover my nephew in cardigans with skulls on them. Can’t wait to dress up our kids, they’ll look like they’ve escaped from either a movie set or a lunatic asylum (very little difference between those two, but that’s another story).

And I don’t have anything bad to say against this picture

Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise

– even the heels – hell, if that kid is wearing them and not kicking them off, go for it. Put on stilts! Get a tattoo early on! But the commentary??? Yuk, yuk, puking my guts out, yuk! I can barely copy/paste that into here, it’s that retarded. But before you go over to their retarded website and give them just one more hit on that story, I’d rather keep you here and NEVER EVER link to it. So, this is the cringeworthy commentary from INF Daily:

If there’s such a thing as a fashion icon for kids, then Suri Cruise is way ahead of any other celebrity offspring currently on the scene.

This little cutie has really got it down when it comes to putting together a cool outfit that the paparazzi wants to see.

And when Suri decided to go shopping with her mom Katie Holmes today, she showed she really has got style and taste.

Who would put high heels a ra-ra skirt and a stuffed elephant in the same ensemble? GENIOUS!

If you excuse me, I will go and post this as a comment on that retarded website now. And then never look at it again, ever, ever, ever! No matter how often Huff Post tries to get me there.